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There is a type of article that is often called chicken soup. The protagonist inside is often born poor, working hard towards his ideals, experiencing countless setbacks and painful trials, and finally harvesting the fruits of success.


There is a type of comics that are often classified as juvenile comics. Sakuragi Flower Road faces the mountain king and gambles on his life. Luffy asks the Sniper King to burn the flag that no one dares to touch. Edward still finds Al's body with the pain of equivalent exchange.


We know that this is the second grade, and we all know where the plot will go. But the stubborn young man stood in front of an overwhelmingly strong body, with a story of great energy bursting out of his seemingly weak body, and the blood in his heart just didn't want to be cold.


In reality, in the history of Chinese sports, there is a more passionate existence than all fictional stories.


Her name is-Chinese Women's Volleyball Team.


Women's volleyball has long been a totem beyond the scope of sports in China.


In 1972, the State Sports Commission implemented the instructions of the central government and proposed that the three major balls should reach the general international level within three to five years. According to the different development scales of men's and women's football, basketball and volleyball in the world, the women's volleyball team is most likely to be the first to achieve this goal.


But do you think that this path of catching up with the international level was easy to achieve in China's extremely limited objective environment at the time?


Zhangzhou, Fujian soon began preparing for the construction of the first training base for women's volleyball. During the construction period, training can only be done in a temporary bamboo pavilion. The roof is made of bamboo, "the rain is heavy outside, the light rain inside; the rain stops outside, the inside is ticking." The ground is a mixture of loess, lime, and salt water, and the bottom is only cinder.


What if the conditions are limited? Let's practice first. What should I do if I want to improve my level quickly? Practice to the death.


——Because I train for 10-12 hours a day, I often roll on the ground to catch the ball. Over time, the soil layer was polished, cinder rubbed the girls' elbows and legs to bloody flesh, and the wounds and bed sheets were glued together when they slept, and they had long been purulent after the doctor separated them with alcohol.


—— Cao Huiying, the first captain of the women's volleyball team, is "Desperate Saburo". Because of long-term devil training, six of the ten fingers were injured, three of which were still fractured, and the knee meniscus was also broken. There is no time to rest well, so long-term injuries are hard to heal.


——16-year-old Cao Shufang, both legs were swollen and painful after training. After being rushed to the People's Liberation Army Hospital, the doctor took a magnifying glass and took out nearly 100 grains of sand from her leg.


Let alone their parents at that time, we heard about these things decades later, and I still feel distressed even thinking about them.


However, in an era when the level of foreign competition was originally higher than ours, economic conditions and logistical strength were still completely crushed, and computers had even begun to use computers to analyze style characteristics. Why would you not fight like this, and why you want to win?


According to Lang Ping's recollection, in order to imitate foreign athletes with amazing physical fitness, coach Yuan Weimin asked the male sparring players to stand on a three-meter high platform and hit the ball with all their strength against the women's volleyball players. It is normal to be smashed into a red arm, and some players were even knocked out on the spot by such a fierce spike.


Yuan's devil training is more than that.


He intends to accumulate his own "hate value" in the team, using various harsh methods to bring resistance to unite the team and "confront" the coach. If any team member fails to meet the training requirements of the day, the whole team will be required to practice further into the night. The team quickly formed a good atmosphere of mutual assistance. Even if the outstanding players were allowed to rest early, they would voluntarily stay with the team to practice until the end.


The effect soon began to show.


Prior to this, Japanese volleyball had a dominance in the world for a period of time, with both men and women volleyball winning Olympic champions. We also gave the Japanese women's volleyball team a nickname that seems to be the second second in China today: Oriental Witch.


After several years of hard training, the Chinese women's volleyball team defeated the Japanese team 3-0 in Shanghai in 1980. The third game was a 9-14 turnaround 16-14. Guess what will be waiting for them after the game? The reporter's interview? The praise of public opinion? The coach's affirmation?


No, it's extra training.


Instructor Yuan said: "To win the game while falling behind is more meaningful than winning the lead, but you can’t forgive you for this. You are not active on the court, and you are both arrogant and coquettish. When will you improve your emotions? ,Start!"


Zhang Rongfang went back and forth until he collapsed and said to the coach: "My mouth is so dry." Yuan Weimin replied: "My mouth is also dry. How can I drink so much water during the game!"


Chen Zhaodi rolled to the rescue until he was sick, and ran to the bathroom for a few minutes and then vomited back. Yuan Weimin asked, "Why didn't you ask for leave first?"


That night, the women's volleyball girls practiced till 12 o'clock.


From your current perspective, do you think these are inhumane?


But in that era, it was precisely relying on this devil to torture training method that the Chinese women's volleyball team caught up with the international level in a short time and gradually became the forefront of the world. Then, it was the first glorious we know.


In 1982, Peru won the World Championships again.


In the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, he won the gold medal in the first team event in the history of the People's Republic of China, tying the three consecutive championships of the Soviet and Japanese women's volleyball teams.


In 1985, all the way to win the World Cup championship.


In 1986, 8 matches and 8 wins won the World Championships, becoming the unprecedented five consecutive champions in women's volleyball.


What kind of era was that? China has just begun to reform and open up. The world looks at this sleeping oriental dragon with half-ridicule and half-wary eyes. Not many people are willing to understand, let alone any real respect. Not long before the Chinese women's volleyball team won the World Cup for the first time, European media also judged: "Maybe the Chinese can win the world championship in niche individual events in the future, but for a long time there is no possibility of team events going to the top."


So, what do you think the rise of women's volleyball means to the Chinese people?


In that era, every time the news of the women's volleyball championship was spread across the streets of the motherland like a congratulatory message, workers in countless factories followed the radio and cheered and volunteered to work overtime for free to contribute to the building of the country. Overtime pay? Watching a women's volleyball match in the auditorium is the best overtime pay.


Why do we all like Chinese women's volleyball team?


Because the struggle and rise of the women's volleyball team symbolize the struggle and rise of our nation.


After five consecutive championships, the Chinese women's volleyball team has experienced ups and downs like the dynasty team in all sports.


In the elated 80s, the downturn of the 90s followed. In 1992, the Barcelona Olympic team failed to qualify and only finished seventh, which was called "defeated" by the national media. Even if Lang Ping took over the coach to lead the team to the Olympic and World Championship runner-ups in 1995, he still could not help the team return to the top.

在兴高采烈的80年代,随之而来的是90年代的低迷。 1992年,巴塞罗那奥运会代表队未能晋级,仅获得第七名,被全国媒体称为“败北”。即使郎平接任教练,带领球队在1995年奥运会和世锦赛上获得亚军,他仍然不能阻止球队重返巅峰。

Chen Zhonghe took office in 2001 and reversed the decline. Under his leadership, the Chinese women's volleyball team won the 2003 World Cup and the 2004 Olympic Games, ending a 17-year three championship drought. The "golden generation" composed of Feng Kun, Zhao Ruirui, Zhou Suhong and others has once again become the pride of the people of the whole country.


In 2009, Chen Zhonghe resigned, and the following year the Chinese Women's Volleyball Team stumbled and only got 10th in the World Championships, which was the worst result since the 1974 competition. After the 2012 London Olympics, the Chinese women's volleyball team lost to the Japanese team, which had never lost on the field, and ranked fifth, and the women's volleyball team fell into a trough again.

2009年,陈忠和辞职,第二年中国女排陷入困境,仅获得世锦赛第10名,这是自1974年比赛以来最糟糕的成绩。 2012年伦敦奥运会后,中国女排输给了从未在赛场上输掉过比赛的日本队,排名第五,女排再次陷入低谷。

After that, the familiar Lang Ping returned.


The Chinese women's volleyball team under the "Iron Hammer" quickly recovered. The World Championships, the World Cup and the Olympic Games all took the podium, especially the consecutive winning of the 2015 World Cup + 2016 Olympics, and the re-winning of the 2019 World Cup, which inspired countless Chinese people. The core player Zhu Ting made it out of the circle. Many people who don't usually care about sports regard this volleyball girl as an idol.

中国女排在“铁锤”的带领下迅速康复。世锦赛,世界杯和奥运会都登上了领奖台,尤其是连续获得2015年世界杯+ 2016年奥运会冠军,以及重新赢得2019年世界杯冠军,这启发了无官方网站数中国人。核心球员朱婷脱颖而出。许多通常不关心运动的人都把这个排球女孩当作偶像。

Do you think, how did Chen Zhonghe and Lang Ping bring the women's volleyball team out of the trough?


On the one hand, it is more scientific and systematic training and preparation, especially Lang Ping brought back a series of advanced technologies from the United States, including the adjustment of training methods and the introduction of data analysts. On the other hand, they have recovered the "women's volleyball spirit."


Nowadays, when it comes to the "spirit of women's volleyball", some people always think that this is an old-fashioned spiritual victory. In this era of prevalence of Buddhism and funeral culture, "why did the efforts of several generations lose to more than ten years of hard work" is regarded as the truth, but the women's volleyball spirit that pays attention to patriotism, unity and struggle has been laughed by many people. Over.


However, Lang Ping said: "Every day's efforts and sweat are the gold medals bestowed by life. Thanks for the days of hard work and the spirit of the women's volleyball team passed down from generation to generation."


When Chen Zhonghe took over the Chinese women's volleyball team, he found that the players' physical fitness was not as good as that of European and American players, and their basic skills were not as good as those of the old women's volleyball team. The performance in training was too lax. What should I do?


"To win, you must use more hard training to make up for it when others are resting, and suffer the hardship that others can't bear."


The coach, who served as a male sparring team during Yuan Weimin's period, once again let the Chinese women's volleyball team feel what is called devil training. Really think that the "golden generation" is all based on the achievements of the talent blowout? This is just an illusion like "Messi doesn't work hard". Although the conditions of the women's volleyball team are no longer as difficult as in the 1980s, the training is still very difficult.


When Lang Ping returned to the Chinese women's volleyball team, he also said, "Because of inadequate training, we are one level behind the world's top teams and the basic skills are too bad.


Therefore, Lang Ping is the same as Chen Zhonghe back then. He grasped the basic skills first hand.


How to catch it? One word: practice.


The training class is divided into three classes, three hours in the morning and three hours in the afternoon. In the evening, additional training items are decided according to the situation. After the training, you must watch the videos of foreign competitions. "Although they are much better than we were back then, they still practiced very vigorously. And watching the video, they all feel sick, because the basic skills are too bad and they have to learn from others."

培训班分为三个班,上午三个小时,下午三个小时。晚上,根据情况决定其他培训项目。培训结束后,您必须观看国外比赛的视频。 “尽管它们比我们那时要好得多,但是他们仍然非常积极地练习。观看视频时,他们都会感到恶心,因为基本技能太差了,他们必须向他人学习。”

Lang Ping’s own body suffered constant pain from the devil training, but he still insisted on demonstrating and guiding by himself, and was specific to every detail: "Why can't you take your left foot first and then move it like this?", or " We must learn to think about what our opponents do. For example, when we stand in a straight line blocking the opponent like this, can we take the initiative to seal the diagonal line?"


From Yuan Weimin to Chen Zhonghe and then to Lang Ping, it is precisely in every training that the players are required to do their best, to unite and work hard. When the "women's volleyball spirit" is not just a fake slogan, it really becomes a few The spiritual core of the ten-year heritage.


Why do we celebrate the spirit of women's volleyball?


Because Lang Ping said:


When you see Zhu Ting and Hui Ruoqi save every ball on the court at all costs, and when many foreign players feel that they don't catch it, they give up, you know why the spirit of women's volleyball can infect generations of Chinese.


Of course, we have to see that many people's love and support for the women's volleyball team are just using the topic.


A typical example is under the news of the women's volleyball championship. You can always see a lot of mocking Chinese men's football, as well as "disbanding the men's national team" and "finding 11 prisoners on death row to play football is better than those people" , Even if the content of the article has nothing to do with football at all. I very much agree that male football players should learn the true spirit of women's volleyball, but I absolutely disagree with the retrogression of "disbanding the professional league and returning to the national system".


Some people do not love the Chinese women's volleyball team, but only the achievements of the Chinese women's volleyball team.


In the 2016 Olympics group stage, he stumbled and only got fourth and barely qualified. The poor performance of Ding Xia and Gong Xiangyu's Weibo comment area is terrible, and even Lang Ping's Weibo is full of curses. When they won the gold medal in the knockout round, these people turned their guns to join in the joyous army.


Lost to Italy in the semifinals of the 2018 World Championships, Zhang Changning was scolded as "Do you want to play? I don't want to go home to talk about your love." Yuan Xinyue was nicknamed "Zero King" because of too little block contribution. . In the 2019 World Women's Volleyball League Finals in Nanjing, the Chinese women's volleyball team won third place with a substitute lineup. The thousands of troops on various platforms scolded Lang Ping for nearly two months. "End" has become the mainstream thesis.

在2018年世锦赛半决赛中输给意大利的张长宁被骂为“你想参加比赛吗?我不想回家谈谈你的爱情”。袁新月因区块贡献太少而被昵称为“零王”。 。在2019年南京世界女排联赛决赛中,中国女排凭借替补阵容获得第三名。各种平台上的数千名士兵责骂郎平近两个月。 “结局”已成为主流论文。

Why did these comments stop? Because of the World Cup two months later, the Chinese women's volleyball team won 11 games and defended the title.


True love is not only about remembering how many championships they have won, but only willing to dance with others' credit, and refuse to accompany them through the twists and turns.


In 1976, a young man in Pinghe County, Zhangzhou City rode a bicycle around the mountain road for six or seven hours just to watch a women's volleyball match. This game made him completely fall in love with volleyball.


After that, the young man named Lin Zhonghui became a worker at the Seventh Printing Factory of Zhangzhou City. He went to the women's volleyball base opposite the factory to watch training and competitions almost every day. In 1999, he switched careers and started tea business. The first store was opened at the entrance of the training base, and he continued to watch the game without fail. Whenever the women's volleyball team wins, he will hang a celebration banner in front of the store. Whenever the women's volleyball loses, he will also play encouraging slogans.


In 2003, Lin Zhonghui took his hand-made tea to Beijing to celebrate the Chinese women's volleyball team winning the World Cup. All the players shook hands with him one by one. He said: "What has attracted me to watch every game for so many years is the unity, tenacity and inspiring women's volleyball spirit."


Daughter Lin Xiaoya said: "Father always motivates himself with the spirit of women's volleyball team during difficult times in his life, and also teaches me to dare to fight and not to give up easily."


This is the person who really loves the Chinese women's volleyball team and the spirit of the Chinese women's volleyball team.


As Zhu Ting just said at the two sessions:


Why do we all have women's volleyball complex?


Because what we have always loved is this national spirit of winning or losing, hard work, and self-improvement.


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