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At 04:00 on October 29th, Beijing time, the 20/21 UEFA Champions League Group H focus match was launched at Old Trafford Stadium. In the end, Greenwood’s opening record, Martial’s point shot, and the draw Shford’s hat-trick, the Red Devils Manchester United swept the Bundesliga leader Leipzig Red Bull 5-0.


After this victory, Manchester United scored 6 points in two games and ranked first, Paris and Leipzig Red Bull each won 3 points and ranked second and third. In the next schedule, Manchester United has an advantageous position. Greater Paris and Leipzig have to fight back to back for two games. The wins and losses between them are good news for Manchester United, provided that Manchester United must at least win the weakest group at home. His opponent Istanbul City, of course, it would be better to win away games. Therefore, Manchester United has a high probability of getting out of this group of deaths, and it is estimated that it is only a matter of time before they advance to the top 16 of the Champions League.


Looking back at the entire game, Rashford, who performed a hat trick, Greenwood who opened the scoring, Martial who scored one goal and one assist, and Fernandez, Fred, Pogba and others performed very well, but they made me even better. I was surprised and pleasantly surprised: Solskjaer's tactical arrangements are quite in place!


In the first half, the Leipzig Red Bulls' press was quite fierce. Whether Manchester United opened a goal kick or an out-of-bounds kick, there will be 5 Leipzig Red Bulls around the press. This time, Manchester United could not make the ball in the backcourt. The scene was quite embarrassing. Solskjaer’s tactical arrangement is very clear. Putting Van der Baker to play Fernandez’s position is to start the defense from the opponent’s half and use the enthusiasm of the shells to control the opponent’s midfielder and central defender; Matic relies on his rich experience to do well. Clamping the opponent's midfield attacker, Fred is responsible for intercepting and grabbing. Although it is difficult to make the ball, Manchester United has always insisted on passing the ball under their feet, and will not easily make a big-footed clearance. This is also based on the fact that the Leipzig Red Bulls are aggressive and not threatening to shoot. They can rely on Pogba and Greenwood's inspiration Suddenly walking into the locker room with a 1-0 lead, it shows that Solskjaer's tactics have worked.

上半年,莱比锡红牛队的新闻非常激烈。无论曼联开亚博全站手机网页版球还是越界球,媒体上都会有5座莱比锡红牛。这次,曼联无法在后场射门。场面很尴尬。索尔斯克亚的战术安排很明确。让范德贝克(Van der Baker)扮演费尔南德斯(Fernandez)的角色是从对手的一半开始防守,并利用炮弹的热情来控制对手的中场和中后卫; Matic依靠他丰富的经验来做好。弗雷德抓住对手的中场进攻者,负责拦截和抢夺。尽管很难打出球,但曼联一直坚持将球传到他们的脚下,并且不会轻易地大跳马。这也是基于这样的事实,即莱比锡红牛队具有侵略性,不会威胁射击。他们可以依靠Pogba和Greenwood的灵感突然以1-0领先进入更衣室,这表明Solskjaer的战术奏效了。

In the second half, the Leipzig Red Bull's physical fitness and fighting spirit were almost exhausted. Solskjaer waved his flag and attacked Rashford and Fernandez on the stage, and let the more energetic McTominay replace Matic. Obviously, the lagging Leipzig will naturally attack the defense line. At this time, the players' physical fitness is not as strong as the opening. Manchester United used Fernandez's passing and Rashford's speed and running position to destroy in one fell swoop. Leipzig Red Bull. 5-0 seems like a score that many people dare not think about. In fact, Solskjaer's tactics are used properly. Manchester United's players are absolutely capable of winning a big score.

下半年,莱比锡红牛的体能和战斗力几乎耗尽。 Solskjaer挥舞旗帜,在舞台上进官方网站攻Rashford和Fernandez,让精力充沛的McTominay取代Matic。显然,落后的莱比锡自然会攻击防御线。这时,运动员的身体素质不如开幕式强。曼联利用费尔南德斯的传球以及拉什福德的速度和奔跑位置一举摧毁。莱比锡红牛。 5-0似乎是很多人都不敢想的分数。实际上,索尔斯克亚的战术是正确使用的。曼联的球员绝对有能力赢得大比分。

If Manchester United took the initiative to show weakness in the first half to allow the opponent to attack, then in the second half, it was aimed at the timing to take control. From a tactical perspective, Solskjaer defeated the unbeatable Nagelsman.


What makes Manchester United fans happier is that Manchester United finally won at home this season, Rashford finally performed a hat-trick, and Martial also opened the goal account. In October, the Devil's schedule has passed two-thirds. Manchester United has an unbeaten score of 3 wins and 1 tie. If they can win Arsenal over the weekend, it would be perfect.


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